New to Fitness? How to Figure Out a Plan

JorgeH Montano JR, B.S.
Founder & CEO of Altus Premier Nutrition. 

Focus On Eating Well

They don’t say abs are made in the kitchen for nothing. Eating enough, and eating the right foods is a sure way to get on the right track towards your fitness goals. 80% of your fitness results are going to come from what you are putting into your body so you need to feed yourself correctly.

There are many tools and trackers available online that will help you understand how many calories you need to be shooting for and what macronutrient ratios your foods are broken down into. These numbers are essential to know and will help you reach your goals.

Once you know your numbers, stay within that range and focus on making healthy food choices. It’ most important to make sure you are increasing your protein intake because, as you build muscle, you will need more protein to keep your muscles fueled.  

Train Hard

Whether you’re trying to build muscle or lose fat, it is always recommended to include some kind of strength training into your fitness regimen. Again, there are many resources online that will give you guidance on strength training plans. Find one that you believe you can commit to for either 30 days or over a 3-week period and see it through to completion.

You may be tempted to jump around and try multiple fitness plans but avoid the urge. In the end, you will have a better understanding of your likes and dislikes and can readjust in the future.

Use A Supplement

This is not something you need to do on day one but something to consider. While on your new fitness journey you’ll find yourself in some common dilemmas -- either you’ll be lacking energy on the days you need to train, or you won’t get enough protein in your food. Supplements are the best way to help you reach your fitness goals so you can keep seeing the progress you want.

Keep these tips in mind and take each day one at a time -- you’ll soon find others looking up to you for fitness inspiration.

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