APN Cyclone Shaker Cup V2 - Black
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cyclone cup

We Believe Quality is Core Driven

Proudly presentIing Cyclone Cup ® – A product line with smartly designed elements and functions that offer a wide range of capabilities, convenience, and reliability to all users.

Cap Design - Engineered to Seal and Protect

Cyclone Cup®’s Secure-Lock Cap™ firmly snaps into place to safely store your precious cargo, while also preventing any unexpected accidents on yourself, the kitchen, the office, or inside your car.

As an added measure, Cyclone Cup®’s Screw-Tight Lid™ promises that even the most fluid of ingredients will be challenged. We’ve perfected every last detail in our units to ensure your Cyclone Cup® remains leak-free use after use – time and time again.

Patent Technology - Cyclone Force Mixology 

Thanks to our revolutionary patented mixer,Cyclone Cup® allows users to blast through and mix up the toughest ingredients with ease.


cyclone cup


Mixing Chamber - Single Mix or Full Day Unit

Cyclone Cup® provides single and combo units to fit your needs, and keeps you prepared for daily boosts.

Added Storage - Unit-to-Unit Versatility

Cyclone Cup®’s Added storage compartments screws on neatly at the bottom of your cup, so you can bring any dry items with you in one convenient package.

All Compatible Working As One

Whether packing light or prepped to conquer, our unit-to-unit compatiblity gives you the capability to tailor any Cyclone Cup® unit combination to power your day.